Past Projects
A crack in the Bull Gear of
a 200 ton draw press is
discovered during a PM
On site service replacing
a damaged cross feed
nut in a 144" swing lathe.
This precision X/Y slide was
not too precise and way too
short. First step was to
machine the slide. Then to
make a riser as precise as the
refurbished slide. The outcome
was successful, and on time.
Gear Box problems with hypoid
gears. Clearance is critical with
these gears. This gearbox even has
super precision "Class 0" bearings.
A Crack in a 60" Lathe
chuck. Solution is to
manufacture a new chuck.
This page is an overview of past projects we have completed.
Installing the head on a horizontal boring
mill after rebuilding it. The picture of the
inside is before repair.
Problems with the head on a horizontal
boring mill requires removal for repair.
This job requires additional safety
equipment for working at heights.
After removal the head is transported to
our facility and disassembled.
This spindle is from a 144"
swing lathe. The thrust
bearing is the small bearing
at the back of the spindle.
This bearing is only 12
months old.
Precision alignment of a large
horizontal boring mill requires
several instruments. Using the
proper instruments and
techniques assures precision
Installation of long scales is
just part of the job. These
types of installation take
advanced planning for proper
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